Scottish Adventure

Scottish Adventure
2007-04-07 09:55:10

Heading towards the motorway from where we spent Friday night on our road trip to Scotland.
Well, I'm starting to recover now after an intense, three day driving trip to Scotland. Six of us decided that as a last celebration of our program we should take a trip together. It was a fun time, and I know everyone enjoyed themselves. I have written up a three page Scottish adventure article which has some photos in it. That will have to suffice until I get the rest of my photos up hopefully later this week.
Location: West Hampstead, London @ 21:22

And then there was one

And then there was one
2007-04-11 15:29:51

Pablo and I stand on the West Hampstead Thameslink platform waiting for his train to Luton.
Even now the post-project microadventure is drawing to a close. As of yesterday, my project term colleagues have all left and while I plan one more visit to Reading before I go, there isn't much time left before I return to Canada. Not that everything stops when I get home, quite the opposite, but it does get a fair bit colder. :)

Today however, I plan to take advantage of my London location and go visit the British Museum. After that, I may wander around downtown somewhere, maybe pay a visit to the Apple Store. At least I am well rested, yesterday for some reason I couldn't stop falling asleep. And because of that, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I was asleep last night before midnight. It was weird.

Location: West Hampstead, London @ 5:40

Final Chapter

With about 12 hours left until my flight back to Canada, I am currently writing the final chapter for this adventure. Not to say that there won't be other adventures in the future, but those will be other stories. There will hopefully be one encore to this adventure come July, but that section is still being story-boarded.

The past couple of days have been pretty subdued, although today I did go in for some treatments at the spa—always relaxing. Now I have all of my stuff packed into two suitcases, and I hope that everything makes the flight tomorrow. It is a direct flight which means minimal man-handling of my baggage, but one never knows. Actually if I can check the baggage in without it being overweight I would be satisfied. I've already checked in online, so hopefully that will speed things up tomorrow at the airport. I'm getting a drive there and it will be a bit early, which I always like because if I get rushed I get stressed and warm, and I start to sweat, and that isn't something anyone wants.

The next time I write I will be on the "other side of the pond."

Location: West Hampstead, London @ 17:42

True North

Well, I made it home safe and sound along with all of my luggage, so I guess I should be happy. The weather here is a lot colder than London but I was expecting that. I guess it isn't time to retire my winter wardrobe just yet. I'm off to bed to take care of this jet lag. Cheers.
Location: Durham, NS, Canada @ 17:39


Coda Panic has done it again. At least they are trying. Introducing Coda, the all-in-one web development center. With their Transmit software being one of, if not the best FTP program for many years, Panic has applied their same amazing skills to develop a product which will take your entire web development workflow and pack it into one neat, sexy package. Combining the same great FTP/synchronization features from Transmit with a text editor, full CSS editor, web preview, Terminal and more, Coda aims to find a niche in an area which is heavily contested.

It is my plan to see if Coda is up to the challenge and can oust me from my routine, with enough force to see me pay the $70 USD price tag for upgrading from Transmit. Currently I'm pretty entrenched with TextMate, Camino and Transmit, but I'm always willing to give something new a try. I will be using it to work on the major revisions I am doing to my other website, along with any odd jobs that I need to do in the next couple of weeks until my trial is over. There are a few things that I like already about it, like the ability to work on my local copy of the site and mark files as requiring publishing. However, if need be, you can edit your remote files directly online. I will discuss the features and other benefits once I have finished with my trial.

Location: Durham, NS @ 6:36

What Now?

Well, it would seem that for the most part, my Europe Adventure is over. It has been an amazing time. Now, I am reviving the ailing and going to make a go of it over there. All the best.


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