Final Journey

Well I have booked my flights for my final voyage through Europe. I felt a bit like a travel agent for a while, trying to cobble together flights from different discount and holiday airlines. But I managed, and I think I came in under budget too, but that remains to be seen, there are always unexpected daily costs that may come up, but I think I have been pretty liberal in my budgeting so hopefully I can avoid breaking the bank. Nothing like the student mental state to help keep costs low.

My past assumptions about this trip were that I would need to return to London after each leg. That seemed especially likely for my trip to Montenegro via Dubrovnik. However, thanks to some relentless searching, I am able to spend a number of days in Montenegro after visiting Munich without coming from London, but from Madrid instead. It seems a bit complicated and it is. But it is cheaper flight-wise, and I don't need to pay the ridiculous local transportation costs around London each time.

I will as always, supply photos and commentary as I can, but I won't have my computer *GASP* for most of the trip, so connectivity will be intermittant. I'll be keeping track of the things I do, and will report in full when I'm back in front of my laptop. That however, may be my last foray into a Europe Adventure for a while.

Location: Hamilton, Bermuda @ 3:51

What Now?

Well, it would seem that for the most part, my Europe Adventure is over. It has been an amazing time. Now, I am reviving the ailing and going to make a go of it over there. All the best.


Nova Scotia, Canada
10:50 (Jul 27, 2021)
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14:50 (Jul 27, 2021)
Thessaloniki, Greece
16:50 (Jul 27, 2021)
Madrid, Spain
15:50 (Jul 27, 2021)
Guatemala, Guatemala
7:50 (Jul 27, 2021)




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